Over the last 15 years i have accumulated over 7000hrs of Practical Teaching plus many hours of training, research and theoretical study.

I have a diploma in Hatha Yoga, pre- & post- natal Yoga with the “British school of Yoga”, Freestyle Fitness Yoga certificate (Jayne Nicholls), Yoga therapy for back pain & a level 3 in Classical Yoga through the “Yoga Proffesionals & Ymca Fit”

indexMy Yoga classes & courses incorporate a varied amount of styles from: Hatha, Classical, Aerial, Assisted, Pre-natal, Sport related, Thai yoga massage Therapy & Restorative.

All classes involve the practice of physical Yoga postures with meditation, pranayama & Relaxation.

Aerial Yoga uses a Yoga swing attached to the ceiling. The design of the swing allows you to move into a range of yoga positions both in horizontal & vertical planes. it enables you to move more deeply into a yoga asana, hold postures for longer without strain & relieve discomfort, develops stamina, core strength & assists in alignment.
It can also be used for restorative and therapeutic uses, to help balance the systems of the body, unblock chakras, reduce high blood pressure, alleviate neck, back conditions etc.

Inversion Therapy for Back pain. Allows your body weight to naturally decompress the spine, improve circulation, releive muscle tension, realigns the spine, releives sciatica, takes pressure off the nerve roots and discs in your spine & increases space between the vetebrae. This treatment involves hanging upside down and is not to be used if you have High blood pressure, Glaucoma or Heart disease.

indexYoga Therapy involves working with a partner using various methods from Yoga techniques, Ayurveda principles, Thai Yoga massage, Indian head massage & The Alexander technique.
It focuses on well-being, relieving muscular tension, headaches, insomnia, balancing hormones, re-aligining the hips, pelvis & spine & focusing on pressure points (Marmas).



Yoga Classes (Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced)
These classes gives you a variety of yoga styles. we offer you a dynamic, fun class that gives you a stronger, leaner body, improving your posture, flexibility and core strength.

Restorative Yoga (All Levels)

A calming Yoga practice using props to allow people to stay in poses for a long time, without discomfort, stress, strain, injury risk and pain. Restorative Yoga requires more attention and receptivness and involves a different kind of muscular engagement.


Yoga for Sports

Yoga to improve performance in all aspects of sports from – Running, Cycling, Golf, Climbing, Triathlons etc.


Yogalates (All levels)
Yogalates is a mix of yoga and pilates, focusing on toning and strengthening the body, improving posture and flexibility. Increases well being and reduces stress. It also promotes proper breathing.