Waxing Treatments

waxing1Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal which removes hair from the root.

Benefits of Waxing are:

Long lasting ( 3-8 weeks)

softer & less coarse hair when it grows back

waxing does not increase the growth of the hair

Prices & length of treatment –

Full Leg wax – (45mins) £20

1/2 Leg wax – (20-30mins) £10

Bikini – (20mins) £8

Under arm – (15mins) £8

Upper Lip/Chin – (15mins) £6

Eyebrows – (10mins) £5


After care advice:

  • Refrain from applying antiperspirant, deodrant or perfumed products for 24hrs
  • Only luke warm baths & showers for next 24/48hrs
  • Avoid make-up over the area
  • Avoid heat treaments/ massage
  • Avoid sun beds/ sunbathing before & after treatment
  • Wait at least a day before using a scrub, brush or exfoliater
  • Avoid contact with animals near to the area of treatment for 24hrs