Sports Massage

All sports massage treatments can last from 20mins – 1hr

Treatments cost £30

Under 16’s £15

Gift Vouchers available.

We treat Adults and Children

Sports Massage is particulary effective in treating soft tissue problems, relaxing muscle spasms and relieving pain, increases lymph flow, breaks up fibrosis that binds or glues one muscle fibre to another.

How will Sports massage help me in general or as an athlete?images

  • It reduces swelling and brusing
  • speeds healing
  • reduces muscle soreness
  • decreases pain
  • increases flexibility
  • injuries will be prevented by keeping muscles balanced, relaxed, resilient and free of trigger points
  • eliminates areas of stress in the muscles
  • training will be more consistent and improved performance
  • muscle cell circulation, metabolism and nutrition for repair and growth will be increased

sports massage recognises that you have different needs at different times.

for Injury Rehabilitation you need a massage that will speed your healing, increase your range of motion.

for Regular Fine Tuning you need a massage that will search out the areas of stress in the muscles and relieve them before they become problems.

for Pre Event you need a quick treatment that will be an adjunct to your warm -up, to increase your circulation and flexibility and leave your muscles ready to go.

for Post Event you need a massage that will increase your circulation, to speed the removal of fatigue toxins, relives muscle spasm and prevent soreness.

Cross Fibre Friction is a deep stroke which spreads the fibres of your muscle in imitation of the broadening that takes place when muscles contract. it is the treatment of choice for a muscle strain

Trigger Point Therapy is sustained pressure to release areas of bio-mechanical stress. these points are precursors to injury and become hypersensitive because of repetitive or stressful motion or trauma. they refer pain, so are often located outside the area of pain.

Kineseology Taping is using special tape on specific areas of the body to speed up the healing process by supporting and protecting injured structures from further injury or stress.

Foam Roller can be used as an alternative to massage to work on tight muscles and can be used at home in between visits.

Sports rehab treating adults or young athletes, includes an injury & postural assesment, exercises and massage, injury prevention

We can also include advice on Stretching or strengthening exercises to be done at home in between visits!