Hula Hooping

DIGITAL CAMERAHoop classes available in Cottingham.

Monthly classes (1st Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm)


Hooping has been around for centuries and was first introduced in greece as Hula Hooping.

Now Hooping is fast becoming the new fitness craze and is already massively popluar in America, practiced by many celebs such as: Beyonce, Kelly Brook, Marissa Tomei, Michelle Obama & Liv Tyler.

The Hoops that are used are weighted and larger than your average toy Hula Hoop.

The added resistance of a heavier Hoop means that it can sculpt & shape your body as well as the cardio benefits, burning on average a 100 calories every 10mins.

My Hooping classes run once a month  and are for beginners. They are structured classes learning the very basics of hooping around the waist with correct technique and posture. We learn how to move around the room whilst hooping, also using the hoop around the hips, chest, arms & hand hooping, incorporating tricks, turning & off the body, plus using the Hoop as a weight to do toning exercises and abdominal work.

My Hoop Skills classes are for those of you who have done the beginners course or if you know you can already hoop and are confident with hooping.

We learn how to connect moves together,learn new techniques & skills and perfect what we have learnt already and improve techniques. (Monthly classes)



1. There is no impact, so it is good for your joints.

2. It gives you more confidence.

3. Improves your metabolism, strenghtens your heart, lungs & improves circulation.

4. It can be practiced by almost everyone ( any age, size, shape)

5. Shapes & Tones your waist & Abdomen.

6. Energizes your body & Spirit.

7. Brings the Joy back to exercise.

8. Promotes emotional well-being.



All Hoopolistic hoops are custom hand made with high quality materials. P1010980

Each hoop is individually made to order.

The Tape that is used is one of the strongest and most visible gaffer/cloth tapes around. it comes in 4 colours (Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, purple) & is 3times the tensile strength of standard tape.

The hoops can come in various sizes: Average hoop is usually 36″ – 39″ and is best for those of average size and can hoop already.

A larger hoop is between 41″ – 45″ and is good for those that are over 5ft 10″ or have little or no experience hooping.

A smaller hoop is between 32″ – 34″ and great for the more experienced hooper who can keep the hoop rotating at a faster rate & great for doing tricks & off the body hooping.

Kids Hoops are available in smaller and thinner sizes to suit their age.

The weight, size and the friction of the tape allows even the most rhythmically challenged person to keep the hoop rotating.


“Contraindications” to Hooping:

Do not Hoop if you are Pregnant, Have Cancer, Spinal injuries or general poor health.

Do not use more than 20minutes at a time.

Do not use more than twice in one day.

Hooping can cause bruising!


Children’s Hula Hoop Parties

A new, fun exciting way to enjoy  your birthday parties.

learn lots of Hula Hooping moves, routines and hoop games.

Party packages are for 5yrs upwards (minimum 5- maximum of 20 children)

package 1 – £70 for 1hr

Includes: group lesson – hoop games – custom made hoop for the birthday girl/boy

package 2  – £120 for 2hrs

includes: Group lesson – hoop games – mini show – custom made hoop for the birthday girl/boy & free class voucher

Venue not included!



Also available: Private 1-1 Hoop sessions / Hoop workshops / Hooping in Schools / Children’s Hoop Parties / Corporate Parties/ Adult hoop parties, Hen parties..